My phone does not receive SMS. I disabled it. Grow up.

While panicking on Twitter to get this Xbox Companion application installed, I mentioned some of my headaches were due to the fact the Windows Phone Marketplace relies on SMS to trigger application installs on a Windows Phone device. (Why they don’t use their own notification framework is beyond me.) As all my friends have smart phones, and have access to either instant messaging, social media, or at a minimum email – SMS makes no sense to use or pay for. I called the carrier and outright disabled it. If I didn’t, I’d have to worry about spam and mis-texts, giving AT&T a wonderful reason to nickel and dime me.

People oft forget they’re throwing exorbitant amounts of cash at their mobile operator for various “packaged services”. SMS isn’t a freebie they threw in for laughs, you pay for it one way or another. In my case, I pay $60.76 a month for what amounts to barebones telephone service and a smartphone data package, for my Samsung Focus. That includes an 18% or so discount as part of some deal with my employer. Justifying that is hard enough. If I wanted to sext Jenny, I’d have to dish out an extra $20/mo.

Fuck that.

Clarification: It was pointed out that the Windows Phone Marketplace uses short-codes, as opposed to a full blown SMS message, if you have Find Your Phone enabled. Unfortunately, those are blocked too. AT&T has only one feature called “Text Message Opt-Out”. This presumably encompasses both short-code and SMS text messaging.