Windows 7 Error Recovery is a punch in the nuts for techies

Today, while in a class, I installed some software in Windows 7. You know, to pass time. A reboot later, I was greeted by a driver-induced bugcheck, making me doubt the whole “Windows Vista applications will work fine on Windows 7” word going around... (but that’s another story)

I already knew what the problem was, so no big deal... I figured I’d just mash F8 a few times and boot up into the Last Known Good Configuration to prevent the culprit driver from loading and be on my way...

 Clippy is back!

... but it wasn’t that easy. As you can see above, there is absolutely no way to return to the Windows boot choices menu from this newfangled Error Recovery menu. Don’t let the menu above trick you – my choices were really [keep crashing] or [waste my time detecting the already-known problem].

Biting my lip, I let Windows run the Startup Repair utility...

Do you want to apply an overzealous fix?

System Restore?! Oh come on. I just want to restore a working service Control Set! I tried clicking [Cancel] but that just put me in a never-ending progress bar loop.

I gave up and clicked [Restore].

Surprisingly it worked, as Bryant indicated... but that’s not the point. After everything was said and done, I felt like I just jumped through a bunch of technical support hoops to fix a problem I already knew how to fix on my own but couldn’t.

I will be finding a way to turn this “feature” off ASAP.

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